St. Clement’s Clogs
Clogs and Bobbins
Clogs were once worn by miners, factory workers and fish bobbers (men who unloaded fishing boats) as they are extremely hardwearing.  They consist of a strong leather upper fastened on a thick wooden sole usually with decorative brass nails.
Our clogs are decorated with the Rose of Lancashire on the tongue.  We also tie bells on them.  They are all handmade and make a very distinctive sound when they strike the ground.  
The interest in Clog Dancing has saved some clogmakers from going out of business, but sadly there are only about 30 clogmakers in England now, when many years ago were there 200.
The bobbins we use, and which we have decorated with ribbons, came from Dixcon’s Mill in Cumbria.  They were rescued by an enterprising guy who advertised them on e:bay.  We were lucky enough to be able to buy sufficient for everyone in our side to have their own pair.